Netflix Review – ‘The Ridiculous 6’


Its been two days since I sat down to watch “The Ridiculous 6,” the newest Netflix original film. Since Saturday, I figured the movie would have evaporated from my mind because, frankly, there is not much worth remembering.

But here we are. It’s Tuesday and the sheer laziness and jaw-dropping awfulness of Adam Sandler’s latest film remains on my mind. Mostly, I wonder why this film was made and why Netflix took it on as their next project (after “Beasts of No Nation,” which is garnering some awards attention for Idris Elba’s performance). I’m more interested in the deals and thought-process behind giving this movie the okay. Hey, Netflix, can you email me the meeting minutes?

After watching the film, my friend and I did our weekly podcast discussing the movie. One thing that came up was that “The Ridiculous 6” is a two-hour (119 minutes, to be exact) film without an ounce of justification. It is packed to the brim with failed jokes, barely-there characters and scenarios that wouldn’t even make a “Saturday Night Live” sketch interesting. This is indeed a film birthed from the deep, dark bowels of Happy Madison Productions.

Sandler stars as Tommy. Since he was raised by Native Americans (who are referred to as “Injuns” throughout), he was given the name White Knife. Tommy finds out he has five brothers – well, half-brothers – all from the same outlaw dad (Nick Nolte) with each having a different mother. Here is a rundown of the eclectic half-brothers: Chico (Terry Crews), Lil’ Pete (Taylor Lautner), Herm (Jorge Garcia), Ramon (Rob Schneider) and Danny (Luke Wilson). Together they team up to find their dad.

This movie is such an embarrassment for all of these guys. Crews is so funny on Fox’s “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” and is reduced to a bumbling caricature in this movie (and “Blended,” another Sandler movie he appeared in). “Lost” alum Garcia can’t form words and moans and growls throughout. It’s no secret that Lautner isn’t a very good actor but life after the dreadful “Twilight” series continues to look bleak. What he is given to do and how he performs it throughout this movie is cringe-inducing.

There is a B-plot about a rival gang, which holds very little weight to the movie. Familiar faces like Will Forte and Steve Zahn show up as part of that gang. They don’t really do much besides add some forced conflicts and elongate the running time (did I mention its ungodly 119-minute runtime?)

Piling on Sandler films is something that is easy to do and maybe they should just stop going before critics altogether (wait, this is a Netflix movie. I willingly watched it at home). Sandler isn’t here to please critics – we’ve known that for some time. What is becoming more and more evident with every film is that he doesn’t really care about pleasing his audience, whoever actually remains. This summer’s “Pixels” continued to show his indifference to what he does for a living and “The Ridiculous 6” illustrates he simply does not care. He feels half-asleep throughout the entire movie, just going through the motions and waiting to cash a paycheck.

The movie drags on and on, taking detours it doesn’t need to take. John Turturro shows up for a scene, where he teaches the brothers some baseball-esque game he has made up. As they play, he makes up different rules. That’s the scene. What did it add to the plot? Absolutely nothing.

I’m not above crude, rude or stupid humor. I’m just above unfunny garbage like this. You won’t laugh at any point during this movie (unless consistent projectile donkey poop is hilarious to you, for some reason). And be warned; this isn’t the last we have seen from Netflix and Sandler, who signed a four-picture deal with the streaming service (oh, and they gave him creative control. Clearly.)

“The Ridiculous 6” rates 0*out of 10

*Since it would be hyperbole – but worthy – to assign a negative rating



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